High Silica Fabric Manufacturers


Silica Fabrics content is more than 96%. This Silica Fiberglass Fabric is suggested to work in 1000? and the working Temperature is in 1200? for long time, Melting point is 1700?.

Silica fabric is an ideal materials for high temperature thermal insulation and electrical insulation. High Silica Temperature resistance Fiberglass fabric has wide applications, which are usually used in metallurgy, rocket building, aircraft building, ship building, car industry, atomic energy and machine building.

Benefits of High Silica Fabric :

  • Non-Pollution : Compared to Asbestos Cloth and Ceramic Fiber Cloth, Silica Cloth is harmless.
  • High Temperature Resistance: Working Temperature is 1000?, Melting point is 1740?, recommended Temperature is 950?
  • Small Thermal Shrinkage: After Preshrunk Processing, Silica Fabrics Have Very Little Loss On Ignition & Linear thermal Shrinkage
  • Low Electrical Conductivity : After Acid Treatment, Less Metallic Ion and Super Electrical Insulation.

Typical Applications of Silica Fabric :

  • Environmental Protection: Filtration Of High Temperature Liquid & High Temperature Air
  • Fire Project: Fire Blankets, Fireman Clothing, Fire fighting Pipes
  • Electronic and Electrical: Electrical Insulation, Thermal Insulation and High Temperature Insulation Protection
  • Welding Protection: Welding curtain or Welding Blanket

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