Pure PTFE Teflon® Packing – Made from PTFE Yarn Manufacturers


A special tough 100% Pure PTFE Packing impregnated with special ultra chemical inert suspension. The Teflon® packing is diagonally braided. Our special impregnation process increases compressibility and recovery factors. This Teflon® packing responds readily to pressure changes and forms a long lasting gland seal having very low coefficient of friction.

Application :

A good packing for control valves even under high pressure conditions, reciprocating rods, pumps handling corrosive gases, solvents, acids, hydrocarbons, ammonia, food -stuffs and pharmaceutical industries. Not recommended to use on molten alkali metals such as Sodium, Potassium and gaseous fluorine as these can attack at high temperatures and pressures.


-200oC to 290oC


upto 520 Bar


0 -14


Note: Available in Rope & Ring Form

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